Our yoga hub is located in Tadlow, Cambridgeshire - just outside of Wrestlingworth. We gather together in a cosy converted stables, embellished with fairy lights, scented with diffused oils or incense, to share the sacred practice of yoga. Supported by mats, bolsters, cork blocks and straps, allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in your practice.

'yogakind' was founded by Erin L-E, who found yoga through her wonderful mum at age 7. Erin is committed to creating a safe, clean, warm and friendly space for her yogis to find contentment, strength and joy through the practice. Alongside Erin, 'yogakind' hosts a group of wonderful teachers sharing their wisdom and kindness in each class. 

You will probably also see our studio pup, Lola the schnauzer here and there. She's a bit of a cutie and loves nothing more than curling up and snoozing to the sound of yogis practicing their ujjayi pranayama.

The studio is cleaned regularly with Method and Ecover cleaning products as well as doTERRA mat sprays, we have air filtering plants and energy raising crystals all to add to the goodness of yogakind.



Drive down Tadlow Road B1042. If you're coming from Cambridge, our studio is past the Tadlow turn on your left, through the black gates on your left (you should see our yogakind sign on the gate). If you're coming from Wrestlingworth, again drive town Tadlow Road B1042, after the 50mph sign,you'll see a country house, and we're through the black gates into New Barn Farm on your right. 

For morning/daytime weekday classes, please park in the car park which is straight on as you drive through the gates, in-between the brick barn on your left, and the black barn (our barn!) on your right. For evening and weekend classes, you can park anywhere you fancy! We're lucky enough to have plenty of parking so you can arrive with no stress, come to class anywhere from 5-20 minutes early, set yourself up and enjoy!

The drive is actually pretty beautiful, we're lucky enough to be surrounded by farm land, alpacas, and just so much green goodness! To aid your enjoyment of your yogakind experience, here are a couple of journey long playlists depending on where you're coming from...

From Potton - chilled mood

From Potton - all the feels

From Potton - indie joy

From Potton - let's do this!

From Potton - dramatic chill

From Biggleswade/Sandy - let's do this!

From Biggleswade/Sandy - dramatic chill

From Biggleswade/Sandy - indie joy

From Cambridge/Hitchin - joy

From Bedford - joy


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