Welcome to yogakind, an inviting, cosy, plant filled studio offering yoga classes for all! We welcome all kinds of yogis to find their kind, from those looking for a strong and empowering practice, expecting Mummas, yogis looking for something slow and soft, and those just simply curious of the practice! Step into our warm, open space ready to breathe, flow, grow and be free.

**Due to COVID-19, we are temporarily closed, but have a thriving online shala! Join us for live yoga classes everyday, booking on the MINDBODY app under yogakind! We also have free full length recorded classes on our YouTube channel "yogakind". Scroll below to check out what we've got going on **



9:30am Yin + Yang with Erin
6pm Ashtanga Remix with Erin
7:30pm Yin + Meditate with Erin

10am Vinyasa with Erin
12:30pm Yin + Meditate with Erin
6pm Funky Flow with Sarah

10:30am Hatha Flow with Sandra

9:30am Vinyasa with Erin
12:30pm Yin + Meditate with Erin
4:45pm Yogi Cubs Childrens Yoga with Emma
6pm Mellow Flow with Kim
7:30pm Ashtanga Remix with Erin

8am Ashtanga Remix with Erin
10am Mellow Flow with Erin
6pm Deep Release with Gemma

9am Power Flow with Erin
10:15am Take It Slow Flow

10am Sunday Sadhana with Kim



For a drop in class we're asking for £5 per session, or we have memberships for those of you coming regularly of £40 for self employed/concessions/NHS workers/those financially impacted by the pandemic or £50 regular membership.

Once you've booked into class, you will get emailed a link to to the zoom class with a complimentary playlist 30 mins before the start time. Please make sure you've downloaded the app, Zoom.

It's your call whether to have the camera on or off, we encourage having it on and in an angle where the teacher can see so we can help with your alignment, this also helps create that shala feel!

We can't wait to see you in a class soon, remember if you're unsure of which class might be serving you just send us an email or message!

* Saturdays 10:15am is a karma class, meaning it is completely free every week
* Sunday 10am, all profits from drop ins will be going to BLM UK, if you're a member and would like to donate please head to - if you know of any charities we could support please email at



grow and be free with softly restoring flows, dynamic vinyasa, spiralling mandalas and meditative yin practices...


Mondays 9:30am, Thursdays 7:15pm, Saturdays 9am

The mandala practice is a beautiful practice consisting of yin to prepare and open the body, moving then into dynamic spiralling mandala surya namaskars, before slowing down and strengthening with an elemental standing and seated series, finished with a cooling, calming yin practice into a sweet savasana. It’s reccomend to have some yoga experience just as this class moves relatively dynamically with less time to talk about the subtleties of the asanas, but as always you make the practice what you need, there are options to make it a lil more fiery with arm balances and inversions/inversion prep, and options to make the practice more grounded and fluid. Each week we’ll cycle through a mandala themed around the elements, focusing on rooting to the earth, creating fluidity with water, building a fire from within and moving from the airy space of the heart!


Mondays 6pm, Fridays 8am

A class rooted in the traditional Ashtanga yoga practice. Ashtanga is one of the fundamentals of a vinyasa practice and has 5 'series' of set asanas. In this class we will being with sun salutations, moving onto the standing sequence and then work on a couple of asanas from the primary and secondary series on different weeks.This class will certainly build up a lot of tapas (not the delicious type of tapas, unfortunately) - this internal fire and heat to burn away what no longer serves you. Create physical and mental strength, resilience and tapas through this practice.


Mondays 7:30pm, Tuesdays 12:30pm, Thursdays 12:30pm

A deeply releasing meditative practice, where we move into asanas that release physical and emotional stress in the body and hold for a few minutes, allowing the body time to marinade in the healing effects of the shapes and the breath.


Tuesdays 10am, Thursdays 9:30am

A fluid, dynamic, often fiery style of yoga where the body and mind unite through the breath. A class that balances both effort and ease, challenging the physical body and mind before releasing and finding effortless surrender.

Expect to feel empowered by your authentic practice!


Thursdays 6pm, Fridays 10am, Sunday 10am (Sunday Sadhana)

Softly and slowly we awaken and ground the body, breath and mind through this fluid practice. All levels are welcome in this earthy, slow practice with gentler and slower movements, pranayama (breath practice), meditation, and a deep releasing savasana.


Fridays 6pm

A deliciously releasing practice, combining yin asanas to release connective tissue tightness, restorative asanas to shift into our rest and digest state of being, meditation to unwind, pranayama (breath control) to ease. The perfect way to release the week...


Wednesdays 10:30am

A class to move slowly with steadiness and ease, coming back to the grounding foundations of the vinyasa flow practice. Perfect for seasoned yogis to come back to remind yourself of those foundational asanas, or if you're a little newer to the practice and are craving a slower way of really finding what feels good in your yoga practice.


Tuesdays 7pm

An energising, uplifting, sometimes pretty sweaty funky flow. With roots in vinyasa practice this class creatively moves the breath and body, set to a funky playlist. A releasing, groovy way to end the day.


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