Come and spend some time with yourself/a loved one, making, releasing, flowing, cultivating joy...


1st-30th of August

We are so excited to be hosting this month long challenge at yogakind, committing to a month (and it doesn't have to be everyday!) of yoga is such a beautiful way to re-connect to your body, breath and mind over the Summer. Take this month to explore the self, connecting into the deepest, truest parts of you with a yoga practice, not to mention strengthening the physical body and releasing tension!

Throughout the month, yogakind teachers will be sharing elemental classes, so each week connects to a different element...
- Earth to ground and re-balance
- Fire to awaken and release
- Water to find fluidity on and off the mat
- Air to free up space in mind and body

Throughout the challenge, you can tick off on our sheet at the studio when you attended a class, and at the end of the challenge we'll tally up your classes and there will be gifts based on how many you managed to come to! You will also be invited to join our Facebook group to discuss anything about the classes, maybe setting some simple rituals that go alongside our themes for the week.

Yoga is a complete lifestyle practice, but stepping onto the mat is such a beautiful, freeing way to start 'living your yoga', so let's come together to flow, move, breathe, sweat, release our way through the Summer, slowly finding that these concepts we practice on our mats maybe start to trickle into day to day wellbeing...

Please note that this can be quite intense especially if you're hoping to make it most days, we have a balanced timetable so make sure throughout the month you mix n match the dynamic classes with the softer classes and making sure you're eating a diet full of energising balancing foods! It's best to have a little yoga experience to start this but also not totally necessary especially if you're planning to come to more of the Mellow Flow, Foundation or Hatha classes! You can make this challenge what ever YOU need, what's most serving for you. And know that coming everyday really isn't essential: if you can make it twice a week it's still worth signing up, working out at roughly £5.50 a class.

INVESTMENT: Regular monthly membership price of £50 for the 1 month, or £40 for students/over 60/NHS workers.

TO BOOK: Go to MINDBODY and search for 'yogakind'. When booking your first class in August, choose a 1 month membership when it asks you to pay.

If you're already a yogakind member, just sign up next time you're in class! x


Saturday 10th August

We're delighted to be hosting The Little Holistic Kitchen's pop up on Saturday the 10th of August. Clare will be coming to bring you reiki joy all day on Saturday the 10th of August, so you can step into the rest of your Summer with rejuvenated energy, glowy skin and a sense of inner calm in your heart.

Reiki facials are £50 for an hour, and Reiki with Aroma Touch are £40 for the hour, with yogakind members getting a 10% discount! You can book now on the Mind Body app, under appointments at yogakind.


Sunday 18th August

Join Keely for a chilled Sunday afternoon where you'll learn how to carve your own designed mini stamps and decorate your own notebook!

Keely is a poke tattoo artist, nail artist alongside being the most crafty, artistic and talented lady! This afternoon will be a beautifully meditative way to connect to your inner creativity, all fuelled with delicious vegan cake from The Vardo!

Spaces are £25, and spaces are very limited so make sure you book in if you fancy a spot!

Bookings either on the ticket link or on the Mind Body app under 'yogakind' ♥


Sunday 25th August, 2-4pm

Join Erin for a beautiful 90 minute extended yin + restorative yoga practice mid Summer...
Spend a releasing Sunday afternoon with iced chai, cooling yin asana, meditation, relaxation, aromatherapy (and vegan cake, of course) taking back some time for yourself amongst the beautiful wildness of the Summer.

This extended practice is just £10, or £5 if you're a member of yogakind. We have plenty of free parking on site, so if you can make it, book yourself in, be welcomed with iced tea, and connect to the sense of home we find on the yoga mat.

To book, either go straight through the ticket link below or download the Mind Body app, search for 'yogakind' and pop yourself in!

We can't wait to welcome you to find your kind, at yogakind.

This afternoon practice is completely open to all levels, as the practice will be very chilled and cooling - but if you are suffering with any major injuries or health issues, please contact us on yogakindbarn@gmail.com if you have any concerns about the practice.


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