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Erin Lawrence-Earey

(she/her) founder of yogakind - vinyasa, ashtanga and yin teacher

Erins' love story with yoga began at age 7, a little hippie child with her hippie mum taking hatha classes. A little later down the line, studying dance and drama at college, her neurodiverse brain started to get really challenging to cope with, and yet she found that each time she stepped onto the mat and flowed, she began to feel more and more content, strong, and connected to herself beyond those layers of anxiety. She remembers feeling such a warmth and joy each time she lay there in savasana, feeling as she had finally come back home to herself, her body, her roots.

Erin is incredibly passionate about sharing the teachings of yoga, believing that yoga really IS for all, and is a wonderful practice that we can utilise to create empowerment, loving kindness, and that oh so tricky feeling of contentment. Having been diagnosed with ADHD and autism at the age of 22, she is also passionate about trying to create the most neurodivergent friendly space as she can in her classes, using language, music and yogic practices to hopefully bring a sense (even just a lil bit) of calm in our minds

Opening yogakind in 2018 was (still is!) Erins' dream - having always wanted to create a safe space to simply grow and be free, to use the practice to move in a way that feels authentic to you and expressive, without any judgements or expectations. We have such a warm and loving community at the shala and she is forever grateful to be able to share her favourite thing with the best people (all accompanied by her yogi pooch, Lola!).

Erin qualified as a 200hr vinyasa yoga teacher in 2015 with Wellbeing Warehouse, followed by doing more vinyasa trainings with Dawn Wright at Whitespace and Rachael Moore at Camyoga, creative sequencing with Celest Pereira, pregnancy teacher training with Rachael Moore, yin yoga teacher training with Sarah Lo, mandala training with The Yoga People, and has recently embarked on an advanced teachers’ 100hr mentorship programme with Adam Husler, and is always open to learning, growing and evolving as she goes.


Specialising in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Kerrie completed her 500hr teacher training back in November 2019 whilst pregnant with her first daughter. Since then, she has completed an 85hr Prenatal course, 100hr Pranayama & Mantra postgrad course, Postnatal course & Biomechanics for birth course as well as a yin yoga teacher training. 
Kerrie has a strong passion for sharing a soothing, nourishing practice, and loves being part of students' pregnancy journeys, knowing that she has helped to provide much needed ‘me time’ which consists of moving the body, preparing for birth and relaxation. Kerrie also has a soft spot for sharing mum and baby classes; a chance to give mums space to connect with their babies and start strengthening their bodies after pregnancy & birth." 

Kerrie Bond


Liv Haskey

vinyasa, yin and nidra teacher

Liv is a full time Yoga Teacher, an Oxygen Advantage®️ Functional Breathing Instructor and Breathwork Facilitator trainee at Make Some Breathing Space. She is motivated by mindful living, self care and embracing the positives whilst navigating through life with Crohn’s Disease. 


Knowing all of the benefits movement, breathwork and meditation can bring towards physical and mental health, Liv loves to weave together her knowledge of the science behind the breath along with her experience of emotional and spiritual healing.


She is passionate about helping others understand and overcome their own struggles through mindfulness, movement and the breath. Creating feelings of safety and support within her sessions are a main priority for Liv, she loves encouraging others to embrace and accept themselves exactly as they are.

(she/her) prenatal, mum and baby and yin teacher

After practicing yoga on and off for years, Laurens' deepest connection with the practice was formed when she lost someone important to her. She turned to yoga in a time of grief and it was one of the only things that kept her afloat. The time on the mat was the only time where the outside world would disappear. Nothing else mattered, her mind turned quiet, the sadness was turned down a notch, and she feels forever grateful to yoga for that experience. Lauren decided that there was no choice but to train as a yoga teacher. If she could make just one person experience the “wholeness” that yoga made her feel, she would be forever grateful. 

Laurens' classes are all about embracing who you are on the mat in the present moment. Tuning in and meeting yourself wherever you are. No ego, no pressure, just you and your practice. 


She teaches vinyasa based classes where you flow through a different element and corresponding chakra each week : Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Each element bringing a different physical and emotional experience. Lauren also runs teen yoga classes to facilitate a space where young people can tune into their bodies, and step away from the busy and stressful demands of day to day life.

She did her 200hr YTT with Fringe Yoga followed by a 24hr Women’s Health Yoga course with Yoga Medicine (her other passion!) she's also in the middle of her 50hr Yin Yoga training with Bernie Clark. 


Lauren O'Donovan

vinyasa, yin and teens teacher