the YK team


Erin Lawrence-Earey

founder of yogakind, vinyasa, ashtanga, yin and mandala teacher

"My love story with yoga began at age 7, a little hippie child with her hippie mum taking hatha classes. A little later down the line, studying dance and drama at college, my OCD and anxiety started to get really challenging to cope with, yet I found each time I stepped onto my mat and flowed I began to feel content, strong and more and more connected to myself beyond those layers of anxiety. I remember feeling such a warmth and joy each time I lay there in savasana, feeling as if I had finally come back home to myself, my body, my roots. A few years later, I love passing on the teachings of yoga asana, pranyama and philosophy even more than I thought I ever could. My aim is that you can come on to your mat, practice feeling empowered by your wonderful body, practice fluidity and balance between strength and softness, practice love and kindness to yourself, and then be able to take all of that off of the mat and share the living, breathing, alive qualities of yoga into all you do, and with everyone you meet. I wanted to open yogakind as I felt a strong calling to create a space to simply grow and be free, to use the practice to move in a way that feels empowering and expressive, without any judgements or expectations. We have such a warm and loving community at the shala and I am forever grateful to be able to share my favourite thing with the best people (all accompanied by my yogi pooch, Lola!)

I qualified as a 200hr vinyasa yoga teacher in 2015 with Wellbeing Warehouse, followed by doing more vinyasa trainings with Dawn Wright at Whitespace and Rachael Moore at Camyoga, creative sequencing with Celest Pereira, pregnancy teacher training with Rachael Moore, a yin yoga teacher training with Sarah Lo and mandala training with The Yoga People.

"I first found yoga as a safe space for my mind to switch off, with running two businesses stress very much became part of my everyday life and I was seeking some release. After  I found a more peaceful way to live with Yoga being at the very core, I naturally wanted to share this with others, so I qualified  in my 200 hour Yoga Teaching Training in 2018 and I am so excited to explore and develop my knowledge so I can create a flourishing yoga environment in class.  Yoga gives me time to connect to the present moment and just breathe. Developing this sense of belonging within movement and feeling the space it can create in the mind has become my inspiration for all my yoga classes. I very much follow that yoga is for everyone and that anybody can benefit from following a yogic life. "


Kim Fletcher

vinyasa, yin and meditation teacher


"Specialising in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, I completed my 500hr teacher training back in November 2019 while I was pregnant with my first daughter. Since then I’ve completed an 85hr Prenatal course, 100hr Pranayama & Mantra postgrad course, Postnatal course & Biomechanics for birth course. 
I’m looking forward to coming back to teaching after having my 2nd daughter. 
I love being part of students pregnancy journeys and knowing I have helped to provide much needed ‘me time’ which consists of moving the body, preparing for birth and relaxation.
I equally enjoy teaching the mum & baby classes. A chance to give mums space to connect with their babies and start strengthening their bodies after pregnancy & birth." 

Kerrie Bond

prenatal and mum and baby teacher

"I was introduced to Yoga at the start of my professional dance career. It helped me to understand my body on a deeper level and taught me ways of controlling my anxiety (something I have struggled with my whole life). I soon fell in love with the practice and found that I was stronger, more flexible and above all, calmer. I fell in love with teaching dance when I was about 16. In 2018 I decided to combine my love of teaching with my love of yoga so went on to complete my 200hr Teaching training. Since then I have completed training in Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Mandala Vinyasa Yoga. My classes allow people to find space, freedom, and a sense of joyful movement in the body. I draw inspiration from my many years as a dancer along with all I have learnt on my yoga journey to deliver creative, fun and expressive classes. My hope is that through enthusiasm, encouragement and passion I can make any yogi feel confident in their own practice."


Emily Pottage

vinyasa, mandala and yin teacher

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Liv Haskey

vinyasa, yin and nidra teacher

"Trained in Vinyasa flow, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra, I feel that yoga is about self expressionism, letting go and connecting back to the body, breath and mind.


I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years. It was something that I gravitated towards for a chance to unwind, challenge myself and move my body. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease that I really noticed what yoga meant to me. My practice of movement, breathwork and meditation became a huge part of my every day life and allowed me the space and time to build my strength and resilience both physically and mentally whilst managing my chronic illness.


I finally left my stressful career of 10 years within the fashion industry to train as a yoga teacher so that I could share my love of the practice with others."

"After practicing yoga on and off for years my deepest connection with the practice was formed when I lost someone important to me. I turned to yoga in a time of grief and it was one of the only things that kept me afloat. The time on my mat was the only time where the outside world would disappear. Nothing else mattered, my mind turned quiet, the sadness was turned down a notch, and I am forever grateful to yoga for that experience. I decided there was no choice but to train as a yoga teacher. If I could make just one person experience the “wholeness” that yoga made me feel I would be forever grateful. 

My classes are all about embracing who you are on the mat in the present moment. Tuning in and meeting yourself wherever you are. No ego, no pressure, just you and your practice. 

I teach vinyasa based classes where we flow through a different element and corresponding chakra each week : Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Each element brings a different physical and emotional experience. 
I did my 200hr YTT with Fringe Yoga followed by a 24hr Women’s Health Yoga course with Yoga Medicine (my other passion!) I’m also in the middle of my 50hr Yin Yoga training with Bernie Clark. 



Lauren O'Donovan

vinyasa and yin teacher

"With a background as a massage therapist, when I first started practicing yoga years ago I was initially drawn to the physical aspect - stretching and strengthening the muscles. It was much later that I found the benefits of using yoga practice as a tool to balance mind and body in this modern world.  

I decided to embark on teacher training so that I can continue to learn, share and be a part of this constantly evolving, ancient practice which I love so much.  I like to focus on control, movement and alignment in my classes and I believe everybody can benefit from yoga in some way. 

I look forward to seeing you in class and if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Sandra Amos

vinyasa and mandala teacher