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About Us

grow and be free

Welcome to yogakind, our, cosy, plant filled yoga shala. We welcome all to find a practice that brings you joy, from those looking for a strong and empowering practice, expecting mummas, yogis looking for something slow and soft, and those just simply curious of the practice! Step into our warm, open space ready to breathe, flow, grow and be free.

We are currently holding space in our shala in Tadlow, a gorgeous garden in East Hatley and also our beautiful yurt in Potton.


"sit a little longer
walk a little slower
there is so much life
aching to be lived
in the space between"
~ holiday phillips


come flow with us...

yogakind, New Barn Farm, Tadlow, Royston, SG8 0EP

email us at, and check out our social media pages for more info, we can't wait to hold the space for you!

Thanks for messaging!

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